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Churches and Chapels that have Eucharistic Adoration

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Palm DOC files (ending with an extension of .pdb) should be installed on your Palm OS device using the Palm Install Tool software application that came with your PDA. This will prepare the document file for installation the next time you HotSync with your PC. Once you HotSync, the file will be installed on your PDA. If you have the correct reader application for the format of the document file already installed, then you should be able to read the document file on your PDA.

The individual Palm DOC files have been zipped for downloading. As such, you will need to unzip them prior to HotSyncing with your Palm. If you don't have an unzip program, you can download a freeware copy of the latest version of Allume's (formerly Alladin Systems) decompression utility for your operation system. Free decompression utilities are available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and DOS.

Description Updated File Type Size
Alabama 09/20/2019 DOC 4K
Alaska 07/22/2018 DOC 2K
Arizona 11/14/2018 DOC 6K
Arkansas 09/05/2019 DOC 4K
California 12/18/2021 DOC 37K
Colorado 03/08/2020 DOC 6K
Connecticut 10/19/2019 DOC 7K
Delaware 02/23/2018 DOC 2K
Florida 02/18/2021 DOC 16K
Georgia 09/05/2019 DOC 6K
Hawaii 08/22/2018 DOC 3K
Idaho 01/23/2019 DOC 3K
Illinois 06/08/2021 DOC 24K
Indiana 01/07/2021 DOC 9K
Iowa 03/11/2020 DOC 5K
Kansas 01/20/2019 DOC 7K
Kentucky 01/09/2019 DOC 5K
Louisiana 09/21/2021 DOC 16K
Maine 09/03/2022 DOC 3K
Maryland 09/02/2022 DOC 8K
Massachusetts 08/30/2022 DOC 14K
Michigan 07/04/2021 DOC 13K
Minnesota 02/18/2020 DOC 12K
Mississippi 04/14/2018 DOC 3K
Missouri 08/08/2021 DOC 11K
Montana 02/15/2020 DOC 3K
Nebraska 10/17/2021 DOC 4K
Nevada 11/08/2020 DOC 3K
New Hampshire 08/19/2021 DOC 4K
New Jersey 08/21/2022 DOC 17K
New Mexico 12/20/2018 DOC 5K
New York 09/20/2019 DOC 33K
North Carolina 11/02/2022 DOC 5K
North Dakota 09/23/2018 DOC 4K
Ohio 03/14/20220 DOC 19K
Oklahoma 08/28/2018 DOC 3K
Oregon 03/08/2020 DOC 5K
Pennsylvania 09/02/2022 DOC 28K
Puerto Rico 01/07/2017 DOC 1K
Rhode Island 09/01/2019 DOC 5K
South Carolina 04/06/2018 DOC 4K
South Dakota 10/22/2019 DOC 3K
Tennessee 10/29/2018 DOC 4K
Texas 08/31/2021 DOC 30K
U.S. Virgin Islands 02/18/2018 DOC 1K
Utah 08/08/2021 DOC 3K
Vermont 08/18/2018 DOC 3K
Virginia 01/05/2020 DOC 6K
Washington 03/09/2022 DOC 6K
Washington DC 08/27/2022 DOC 3K
West Virginia 01/30/2022 DOC 3K
Wisconsin 02/08/2021 DOC 10K
Wyoming 02/24/2022 DOC 2K
Entire USA 11/02/2022 DOC 389K

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DOC is a generic name for a type of text document format usable by Palm devices. Many different freeware, shareware, and commercial Palm-based DOC reader applications exist, including:

Use any of the following programs if you want to read DOC files on your desktop PC (not on your Palm):

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