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1993 2/09 Eucharistic Catechetics - S2

Real Presence: Communication of Grace (continued)
Jesus Christ is Physically Present on Earth

by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

MP3 Disc 1 Received from Breslin

These Sermons were taped by Daniel Peper who
traveled and taped Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995

  1. Real Presence: Communication of Grace (continued)
  2. Jesus Christ is Physically Present on Earth
  3. Questions and Answers

1.  Real Presence: Communication of Grace (continued)

So but having said that I just, to make sure, see this is traditional, and what we are doing is back to our subject, in other words, that when we speak of adoration we use the word in two ways. We can use it as distinct from thanksgiving, petition and mercy or we can think of adoration as every form of prayer is a form of adoration; so that when we speak of petition that with our minds we can distinguish petition and adoration; but strictly speaking petition is a form of adoration. Unless I recognized who God is, as the source of my being, and as the destiny of my existence, well, I was not asking for what I want.

So we’re using adoration, see what we are saying here, we’re using adoration here, well, from one perspective in a broader sense; from another perspective in a deeper sense. In other words we’re not speaking of adoration precisely as distinct from petition, but adoration as one term covering all forms of prayer, including petition; and of course, including thanksgiving, and including mercy but for our purpose especially petition.

Now my question is: In the last analysis, what are we doing when we ask God for anything? What are we doing? We are acknowledging our complete dependence for everything from the past, in the present, and for the future. In other words, petition is a form of adoration. You see, because what I’m doing and this has been my work, as far as I can see in the Church, I need to repeat what already is in books but with the help of the Church, and of course prayer, and the Holy Spirit to deepen and penetrate. That’s why the present Holy Father will go down, I think, as one of the greatest popes in the Church’s history. He is profoundly intelligent. In other words, what we want to bring out is that the Holy Eucharist now must be seen as not just the object of our adoration as the word is popularly understood. Am I making sense? To properly understand Eucharistic adoration; we come and we praise our Lord, we worship Him, we acknowledge who He is and this is beautiful and that is. But we must now begin to see what we have never have seen before in the history of the world that Christ is on earth to answer our prayers; not just ordinary prayers but prayers are miracles.

2.  Jesus Christ is Physically Present on Earth

Would then we say that, we are to pray before the Holy Eucharist not only by adoring our Lord, as that word has been properly understood? No. It includes the recognition on faith; first that God became man. I’ve taught over six hundred of my own Jesuit priests and asked our priests who are struggling with their faith nowadays and the bottom line where they are confused – they are confused and they don’t realize that in the Eucharist is the same identical Jesus who Mary carried for nine months in her womb and gave birth to in Bethlehem, Who lived, suffered, died, and rose from the dead and now at the right hand of His heavenly Father; that God became man so that Jesus Christ is God become man and that Jesus Christ, the God-man, is really present in the Holy Eucharist. And this is the basic difference between all the non-Christian religions of the world, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, that they believe in God; often confused, in fact, in their faith of who God is, but they absolutely deny that God became man in the person of Jesus Christ. Moreover, here is also the basic difference between Catholic Christianity and say the Christianity that separated from the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century. As Catholics we believe that Jesus Christ is physically on earth.

I did tell you didn’t I about the layman, the author, who couldn’t get an imprimatur? I haven’t heard from him since he talked to the bishop. I said what happened? They wouldn’t give an imprimatur because he said that Christ is physically present in the Holy Eucharist. He asked him but he would not give him the imprimatur. The archbishop of a rather large archdiocese, I’d rather not identify him, but so he hasn’t written me since. Maybe he has but I haven’t had a chance to examine my mail.

This is very real. And I should say the archbishop of that diocese is one of the leading bishops in the country in the liturgy. So we’ve got, in other words, that’s why I’m coming here, that’s why I went to, I told the sisters that the last place on earth I should be today, is in Moscow. Sometimes to some of my friends I’ve got to prove my sanity. They think I’m crazy. But somebody, somebody somewhere has still better say, well, what we are saying now, Jesus Christ is on earth. Because the so-called reformers, Luther; that’s what happened to Luther, he lost his faith in his own priesthood. It was sex. He couldn’t control his sex passions. So he invented a new religion which taught and teaches that your conduct is not what matters, because every action of a human being is a sin. That’s Luther. Every action you perform is a sin. So who will be saved? Those who are predestined. As Billy Graham and all these evangelists say, “Do you believe you are saved?” If you believe you are saved, you’ll be saved.

At any rate, so back to our original question, does Eucharistic adoration include Eucharistic petition? Or in other words, when we adore Christ in the Blessed Sacrament are we to beg Him for His grace? And that’s the whole, behind this that the Holy See is telling. And these are the top superiors.

By the way, I met my Father General. Did I tell you this? Father General wanted to see me. Well, we had a nice conversation. Encouraged me in my work. Isn’t that great? Then I said, Father Joe “Can I go to confession? “ I hadn’t gone yet. So he said, “Let’s close the doors”. He gave me a very mild penance.

Well this is good to hear. In other words, yes, when we adore our Lord; it’s the same Christ. Now certainly you read the Gospels they did worship our Lord but what did most people do? They asked, you name it, most impossible situations.

By the way, would you keep Nicholas in your prayers? Young Nicholas. Mother’s name is Mrs. Reik; Mary Reik in Minneapolis. I gave some lectures up there and she called me up to say that her two and half year old boy has terminal cancer all over the body, not just only inside. So, he’s undergoing chemotherapy, but at most he will live six months, at most they say. So she asked for my prayer, which of course I promised. I’ll tell you what, I had cancer, which I did. And, so in Chicago. This is in ’84. The community of nuns wanted to keep Farther Hardon alive so they had a Novena of Masses. And the ninth day of the Novena, I’d already had two surgeries and a biopsy, no question about the cancer and terminal cancer. So they had nine Masses. And then my surgery third surgery. And so they opened me up. No cancer. So I told her, “Find a priest who can say a Novena of Masses.” Well she didn’t. She hung up almost as soon as I told her that. Then she called me back in about an hour. She’d found a priest; a Carmelite priest up in Minneapolis who will offer nine Masses for Nicholas. Will you keep Nicholas in your prayers? Two and a half year old boy. And but that’s the Eucharist, you see! You ask for miracles.

Crowds of people and most of us can use a few miracles. Marion, how about you? Could you use a few miracles? Jesse, could you use a couple of miracles? Sister?

But this is our Faith. And the only question is whether God wants to work the miracles. Because it depends on our Faith.

Now it’s a quarter to three so suppose, so you won’t feel that, “Gee Father, I’ve spent a long time thinking of a question and you didn’t even bother reading it.”

3.  Questions and Answers

Is it necessary for both the ordaining bishop and the ordinand to have the intention of ordaining for sacrifice or just the bishop for the Sacrament of Orders to be valid? For example, a man is sent through nine years of seminary training by a secret seminary; Freemasons, with the intention of gaining power in the Church to pervert it from within. Did he validly receive Orders?

No. No. Both must believe. Both the ordaining power and the one who wants to be ordained must believe in the sacrificing Priesthood.

I’ve had cancer twice in two years. First, I was opened and no cancer and second, now the test showed the tumor was gone. I was anointed both times. And then many people prayed before our Lord for me.

Oh, yes, Christ works miracles; that’s part of our Faith. And one reason that He’s causing so much, what should I say, so much, I don’t want to use the word chaos, that’s allowing so much chaos in the world is to wake us up.

Would you please continue to explain the mystery of the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Well, I think. Well, let me say just a few more sentences because the subject is immense. It’s four semesters on the Eucharist in the seminary. Three hours a week, fifteen weeks a semester. So, the Sacrifice of the Mass is the same sacrifice of Christ offered on Calvary. Why? Because, it’s the same Jesus Christ. But then we got to remind ourselves that the essence of sacrifice is not that Christ died. The essence of sacrifice is that He willed to die. His will. And Christ is on the altar; same identical Jesus. But remember with his human will, consequently who remembers, I almost hate to ask, how many wills did and does Christ have? How many wills? (Answer from Sisters: “Two.”) How many? (Sisters: “Two”) Hold on to that. Yeah. There is a name of a heresy which says there’s only one will in Christ. Well, I think we had it, at least I’ve mentioned it.
Heresies usually have long names. Monothelatism. Mono is one. The t-h-e-l stands for will in the Greek. So one will. If Christ had only one will he couldn’t redeem the world; couldn’t have the Sacrifice of the Mass. In other words, God became man mainly, principally to have a human will. So He could not only suffer and die, but that He could will to suffer and die. And that’s the main message we hear from our Lord. The main reason we have a free will is to submit our wills to God. And as we know, God is constantly, shall I say, interfering with our will.
Here’s where I like to…
(Can hear Father Hardon drawing a diagram on the chalk board)
This is my definition of the Cross. When the Divine Will crosses our will and they may not be exactly 90 degrees, but God sometimes it’s only 67 degrees; sometimes it’s 87 degrees; and sometimes it’s an even 90 degrees. Just the opposite of what we would want. To believe that is to be a Christian. Christianity is all about the Cross.
So we could say more about the Sacrifice of the Mass, but that’s what it is. In other words in the Mass Christ no longer able to suffer and die but has a human will. He’s on the altar; He’s a man united with His Divinity. But, He is willing every time the double consecration is made. That double consecration signifies Christ willingly offering Himself to His heavenly Father.

You mentioned inclusive language. In our seminary we are told we must use it and that the Bible translations used now are wrong and should be changed. What should be done?

Well, here’s my four plan of recommendation to people in the Church’s crisis: Number one, keep the Faith. Number two, keep cool. Number three, keep silent. Number four, do something. And, because, in other words if I was in the seminary I tell him, first responsibility is to get yourself ordained. I’ve counseled enough men – counsel, counseled, counseling - in seminaries to get them through.

Our Formator has told us that Mary’s virginity ended at Christ’s birth. Her virginity is a myth to support the Church’s taboo on sex. What should I as a student say in return, if anything.

Better say nothing. But know your Faith, know your Faith. And I worked for 23 years with the Holy See. And thanks for these questions.

How can I get a copy of the pronouncement from the Vatican regarding the apparitions at Medjugorje. Most charismatics have not heard of a pronouncement. When I tell them they say, “Well, the Church is still making up it’s mind. They, the charismatics, are waiting for the final decision”. Or they will say, “The Pope says he wants to visit Medjugorje” implying he is giving private approval. This is why, I hope, I can get a copy.

Well, there are statements made by the Holy See. But the problem as you realize is very deep. Because there is no question you’ve got priests hearing people’s confessions anywhere; Detroit, Medjugorje, San Francisco, or Paris. And people will come to confession. Right? Those that have the Faith, want to go to confession. Now there’s no doubt, you know many people; conversions, confess to the priests who are taking care of them. But behind Medjugorje are the alleged apparitions. And as I’ve said so many times, to put it mildly, I have strong reservations.

Have you heard of the book, “The Destruction of the Church’s Christian Traditions”, by Rama P. Coomaraswamy.

No, I haven’t. But I presume it’s Hindu.

After the Gospel reading, should it be said, “This is the Gospel of the Lord” or “This is the Word of the Lord”?

Neither. From what I understand, well, I should have the Latin in front of me. Now there are many, oh how much should be cleaned up on the English translation. The work shall we say cleaned up. The word “this is” is not in the Latin. It’s simply, “Gospel of the Lord”.

Was the new Catechism first written in Latin or French? “The Wanderer” said it was first written in French because there is not enough scholars to write it in Latin.

Well, I would know the final reason, having worked with the commission. I would say those who worked on the commission knew Latin. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read the Church’s documents. The discussions, however, I understand, I was not, I attended some but I did not the top, top level discussions with only the bishops at these meetings. I understand they were in French. French is a much more common language than Latin. And I can say this: That I pleaded with the commission that there be a Latin, that the official be Latin. And again would you mind turning off the machine?

I’ve been responsible to keep an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe visiting a different person or family each week for a year. Would you or anyone else want to welcome her?

What I’m not sure, I know that this is being done, what I’m not sure is the, and I have to say this, is the real origin of this transporting of Our Lady’s image. I’ve seen it in print and that it was promoted or whatever even by either all or several Mexican bishops. But I’m not really sure. Because as you know, Our Lady of Guadalupe is now being used in various ways; for example, our friend, Vassula. God help the Church. And well, and she was going along with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. So I would rather not directly accept but read the question. And given the, well, things that I have to do for the Church I’d better see this thing checked out just exactly what’s behind this passing around of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe?

If one is a reader at the Mass and there has been inclusive language put into the reading. Do we have to read it?

Well. Let me tell what I do. First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever been faced, this is Scripture, right with a text where I was to read inclusive language. First of all I choose the churches where I go to and where I say Mass. However, the translations, many of the translations that are used in the lectionary are to say the least, inaccurate. And so I regularly, as I read, first of all as I begin reading I know what translation I’m reading. So I make up my mind I will change the words as I go along. For example, “And the angel came to Mary, and he told her, “Hail!”, and it says, “highly favoured daughter”. And so what I say, and nobody knows it, some people do know, So I read, “Hail, full of grace!” So I don’t tell them, “You know I’m changing as I’m going along.” No.

Please pray for a fellow named Michael. He was in a skidoo accident and his head was crushed on both sides.

So let’s say a Hail Mary for Michael. Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Mary, Help of Christians. Pray for us. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Well so you won’t complain. Let me finish these questions. O.K.? Though it is three o’clock.

Will the new translation of the liturgy be allowed? If it is, must we use it?

What I have seen of it, it is not our Faith.
Well, this is where, I’ve not seen the so-called new translation of the liturgy.
Whether that new translation means, we know now the ICEL… Pray oh pray for the bishops that the International Commission for the institution of the liturgy.
I think I should say this and even have it recorded.
Some years ago, a wealthy Catholic was subsidizing worthy Catholic causes. Subsidizing a new translation from the Latin of the basic English prayers. Well, basic prayers. Our Father, Hail Mary, Memorare, and so on. We knew each other. So he phoned me up and said, “You know, I’ve got a copy of the translation made by the ICEL which is to be approved by the American hierarchy at the next annual meeting and I’m bothered by the translation.” And the fellow was no theologian. So he sent me the copy of the translation from ICEL to be voted on by the American bishops. Well, it was incredible. I’d say every single prayer was changed. For example in, I think it was the Consecration to the Sacred Heart, there’s one paragraph there for the Holy Father; prayer for the Holy Father. The ICEL removed that paragraph. The Litany of Our Lady where we say, “Mary or Queen assumed into heaven”, the ICEL said, “Queen in heavenly glory”. No Assumption. So I told him, I called him up and I said, “This is bad news.” So and the last thing I needed was more work. So I stayed up nights. There was one hundred pages of Latin, one hundred pages of Latin! It took me a couple of months, whatever spare time I could afford. Went over the whole thing. And then translated, well it should be translated, and on the left side was the ICEL translation. And now this man by this time, I got in touch with Rome and then he sent a person with both my translation and the ICEL to the appropriate department at the Vatican and then they read it and of course it was horrendous.
So then it came up to a vote in the United States, Bishop’s Conference. I know I’m being recorded. And well just before they began to vote, one of the cardinals, whom I know, in fact we’ve worked together for years, he put up his hand. He said, just before the vote, he said, “By the way, didn’t you people get any kind of letter from the Vatican on there wasn’t to be a vote? So the President of the Bishop’s Conference said, “Yes, we did.” “Would you mind reading the letter?” He was not going to even read the letter from the Vatican. So he said, “Read the letter.” So he read the letter that this is not to be voted on. They voted. But it didn’t pass. Except for the letter from the Vatican it might have passed. And then the President of the ICEL, course he heard that Rome was informed by some agent of the Vatican. So then I have it in my files. I think it’s a fourteen page denunciation of my work. And it’s some years now, so if they find out who that Vatican scoundrel is let him know. First time I’m saying, said anything publicly. But I think we have to know otherwise so many will be taken in.

Does a Pastor have a right to cross out some of the Gospel such as the part where it “wives should be submissive to their husbands”.

This one I pass, the Castle St. Angelo in Rome as you cross the Tiber and going off towards the Vatican there’s a huge, well it’s a museum now, called Castle St. Angelo. It used to be the papal prison where heretics were imprisoned. More than once I just shake my head, “O Lord, how we could use that nowadays.”

When I visited the inmates as a Roman Catholic sister in full habit they have a procedure where the men or women officers have to take their hands and touch both sides of the body. My mother taught me as a child, “Don’t let anybody touch you.” I even thought if a person touched me I would have a baby. Now as a religious I know I won’t have a baby. But having taken a vow of chastity, I feel I am breaking my vow and don’t feel right. I feel when they check you that the officers press too hard. Disrespect really is, so I asked to not go to that apostolate. But really, I asked again. Am I being disobedient not to want to go. Written by a nun.

No you’re not disobedient. Not disobedient.
And this is why, Oh, the language I use with your Sisters in Moscow and in Warsaw in talking to them. In God’s name realize where you are. And there is such a thing as charity. And there is such a thing as charity and insanity! In the name of charity you just don’t do things such as this. Absolutely no! Absolutely no!

I think that, well, there’s still twelve more minutes. Is it O.K.? And then next Tuesday, I’m in Detroit so we’ll have our class. O.K.?

Thanks for your cooperation and keep me in your prayers. You’re in mine.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Hail Mary. full of grace; The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God; Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Oh, Mary Conceived without sin.

Pray for us, who have recourse to thee.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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