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A Catholic's Responsibility as Leader in the Right to Life
Let me be clear. It is not only that Catholic leadership is somehow different or distinctive. Catholic protagonists must provide the foundations for the pro-life movement. These foundations are ultimately the Christian faith, whose divinely instituted custodian and interpreter is the Roman Catholic Church. Another premise that should be stated is that the Catholic faith teaches there are two invisible powers constantly at work to influence the minds and wills of human beings. They are the good spirits, whom we commonly call angels; and the evil spirits who are demons.
How to Preserve the Catholic Faith: The Family
Dissenters as they piously called themselves, dissenters from the Church's teaching, erroneously used the council to support the idea of bishops being independent of the pope and the single main reason for the wide spread dissent of bishops from the Vicar of Christ, is contraception.
Are Pro-Life and Compromise Compatible?
Our present reflection, however, now goes back into history. It is a little known fact that Christianity provided the foundations of faith in the sanctity of human life to the human race and, I would add, and not only for believing Christians. Christianity provided those foundations for all mankind. The Roman Empire into which Christianity was born practiced abortion and infanticide on a wide scale.
The Sanctity of Human Life
First, by way of introduction, we have so far seen that the foundations of the pro-life movement are the Christian Faith.  Reason can go just so far; it needs the resources of revelation from God and Faith from us.  We’ve also seen that the great gift of Christianity to the whole world was the recognition that human life is sacred from the moment of conception.
The Pro-Life Movement and the Catholic Church
The future of the pro-life movement throughout the world depends on the Roman Catholic Church. To know this is to begin to understand the real issues underlying the wanton murder of over 50 million unborn children every year. To believe this is also to see some hope of stemming the tide that has made the 1900s the most homicidal century in human history.
Catechism of the Catholic Church: Magna Charta of the Pro-Life Movement
The Twentieth century is the most homicidal in the history of the human race. Its principal claim to this tragic title is the widespread legislation of abortion on a scale and with a violence unknown in all the ages of mankind. Not surprisingly, therefore, the Holy Spirit would provide the means we need to cope with this global crime of genocide. It is the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
The Holy Eucharist: The Center of the Prolife Movement
We who have the true faith believe that nothing ever happens by chance. The massive culture of death that has invaded the minds of whole nations must somehow have a divinely ordained purpose. As Saint Paul tells us, where sin has abounded, there grace will even more abound. Who would doubt that sin is abounding on a level and with a depth of evil never before experienced in human history? Our faith tells us that consequently God has stores of His grace for the future. But there is one proviso. We must be able to see why the present evil of world genocide is permitted by God. We must be able to see, as we have never seen before, the true meaning of human life in this world as a prelude to the eternal life for which we were made.
Mary: Mother of Divine Life: Model of Prolife Apostles
Our present meditation is on the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of Jesus Christ, and therefore the Mother of the Holy Eucharist. We cannot emphasize too strongly that the Holy Eucharist is the living Christ, in the fullness of the human nature which He received from His Mother. As Saint Augustine says, "The flesh of Jesus is the flesh of Mary." Except for her, He could not have said at the Last Supper, "This is my Body, this is my Blood."

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