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The Mystery of Marriage
We might begin by saying that this is the most fundamental truth of our faith in Christian marriage and the family. What is it? That, unlike all other marriage either before the coming of Christ or now in the world, two baptized people when they receive marriage — notice they are not only marrying and actively exchanging their mutual consent, they are, as the late Archbishop Sheen said and he has a book on the subject, free to get married — it is husband, wife, and Christ who enter into the sacramental bond of marriage. What is that fundamental truth? That what had not been true before and is not true outside of Christianity, two baptized people receive grace; special extraordinary grace which they both need and not just, mind you, not only at the time when they marry. They receive graces, in the plural, all through their married lives.
Matrimony, The Sacrament of Fidelity and Procreation
Of all the seven sacraments, Matrimony has been the most widely challenged in the history of the Catholic Church. It has also been the main cause of disunity in Christianity.
Saint Augustine and Christian Marriage
If we look closely at the doctrine on marriage in the "Constitution on the Church in the Modern World," we shall find that all the basic premises of this document on the meaning and responsibilities of marriage are the premises of Saint Augustine. Not only is Augustine's famous treatise on "The Good of Marriage" directly used by the Council, but what Augustine said the Council canonizes with its authority, as the Church's magisterium has been canonizing over the centuries.
Chastity and Charity in Marriage
We have been, as you know, reflecting on various aspects of marriage. I thought that in today’s class and later classes we would talk about marriage also but emphasizing chastity and the Church’s teaching which, as you know, is so heavily under fire from the secularized world in which we are living. The present lecture, therefore, is on chastity and charity. We instinctively know that there is a connection between chastity and charity.
Christian Marriage
Christian marriage in the family is a life-long commitment to selfless love. This selfless love is impossible without superhuman strength from God…Christian spouses and their families are a living witness to Christ's power to work moral miracles in the world today.
The Holy Eucharist and Holy Matrimony
We do not normally associate the Holy Eucharist with the sacrament of matrimony. But we should. Without the Eucharist, there would not be a livable sacrament of matrimony. What are we saying? We are saying that Christ intended these two sacraments to be related as condition and consequence. The Eucharist is the condition, and matrimony is the supernatural consequence.
Sexual Pleasure Outside of Marriage
Our title for this evening's conference is "Sexual Pleasure Outside of Marriage." A good subtitle would be, "Sexual Suicide."…There are several ways in which we can approach this subject. We could look at sexual pleasure outside of marriage as a root cause of the disintegration of once civilized nations who are literally committing sexual suicide. We could analyze the reasons behind this suicidal mania, which our Holy Father identifies as the culture of death which pervades so much of modern society. My plan here is to meditate on the divinely instituted purpose of marriage which the Author of Life has associated with the pleasures of what should be only marital intercourse.
The Unity and Indissolubility of Marriage
…the unity of marriage means that a man may have only one wife and a woman only one husband. Unity in marriage means monogamy, the opposite of polygamy. That is unity, just two people and no more. The indissolubility is not the same as unity. This means that this bond of two people cannot be dissolved by any power on earth.
Why There is Sexual Suicide
We are on the road to sexual suicide because our acceptance of sex liberation further caused us to accept certain social anomalies as a result of sexual liberation. This includes the concept of “open marriage” where all responsibilities are split equally between the spouses, the high rate of divorce, the large number of fatherless children in broken homes, and women forced to compete in the job market while retaining family responsibilities. Not understanding the cause of these anomalies will cause us as a society to seek solutions that would put us further down the slippery slope of sexual suicide.

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