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Series 077 - Sermons and Conferences

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These talks were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – Missionaries of Charity – Love of God (02-06-1991) - (1:09:22)
Are we obliged to love God? Do we benefit? Virtue of hope related to the virtue of charity. Gratitude. Can we hurt God? Is love ever self-interested? Degree of guilt of sin.
002 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 8 Q23-28 (09-18-1991) - (1:32:04)
Passion of Christ. Being close to God. Norms of merit. Acts of charity. Basic determinants of degree of merit. Serving God with our wills. Grape juice for Mass.
003 – Ignatian Retreat – 1st, 2nd Meditations (10-25-1991) - (1:32:21)
What is a retreat? Final purpose of our existence. How does God want me to be a herald of His teaching? Decisions and resolutions.
004 – Ignatian Retreat – The Beatitudes (10-25-1991) - (1:30:48)
What does make us happy? Poverty in spirit. Meekness. Gentleness. Do I want what God wants? What I need? St. Francis’ “seeing God”. How’s your sex life? Discarding faith. The tranquility of order.
005 – How to Deal with Other Faiths (11-23-1991) - (1:24:34)
Peace of mind and peace of heart, the difference. Why is it important to understand other religions? John Paul II “restore the Sacrament of Confession in your diocese”. Protestant plan to convert South America to Protestantism.
006 – Sermons Jun 6-7, 12-15, 19, 27 (1991) - (1:21:01)
Holy Trinity models selfless love for us. Ask Divine help in every need. Why is Mary Mother of God? God suffered and died with His human will. Silence. Solitude, sacrifice and Christian prayer.
007 – Missionairies of Charity (08-18-1992) - (1:30:06)
In 1506 Columbus died and St. Francis Xavier was born. The Mass. Martin Luther’s priesthood and his loss of faith. On Holy Thursday only Jesus could change bread and water into Body and Blood: same with forgiving sins. Opus Angelorum is fully approved. Beware of superstition. Deacons giving homilies.

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