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Series 073 - Advanced Catechetical Course Answers and
Masters of the Spiritual Life Course Answers

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These talks were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 4 Q1-35 (04-02-1991) - (1:02:09)
History of Apostles Creed. Valid Baptism needs? Growth in faith. How? Nothing changeable.
002 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 5 Q1-35 (04-10-1991) - (1:30:19)
The Living God. Definition of God. Trinity. Moment of conception. Creation.
003 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 5 Q36-95 (04-24-1991) - (1:31:55)
The Angels as channels of grace. Effects of marijuana on offspring. Unruly passions. Adam and Eveís sin. Basic error of Protestantism. Baptism takes away and gives. Blessed Virgin Mary and sin.
004 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 5 Q96-125 (05-01-1991) - (1:11:27)
Faith and science. Evolution: 2 types. Adam and laws of nature. The soul in psychology.
005 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 6 Q1-27 (05-07-1991) - (57:14)
We must keep the two natures united in one person. Impeccability of Christ. The will of God. Christís learning.
006 – Missionaries of Charity – St. Augustine Q61-80 (09-24-1991) - (1:19:00)
Christ, by His grace, teaches us. Grace needed to recognize and resist what is wrong. Father Most on apologetics.
007 – Missionaries of Charity – St. Therese Q1-20 (10-11-1991) - (1:05:58)
Being poor in spirit. Anger and envy of Communism. Give ourselves to God. Essence of love.
008 – Missionaries of Charity – St. Francis Q24-43 (11-12-1991) - (1:10:50)
Essence of patience. Sin of envy. Pride shows inordinate esteem of self. Catholic nuns in United States financed Protestant sisters cause for ordination. One reason Christ was rejected.

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