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Series 071 - Advanced Catechetical Course Answers

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These talks were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 6 Q29-50 (05-15-1991) - (53:19)
Christ had complete knowledge of His Divinity, mission and resurrection. Nestorians. Time and change. Conversion. New heaven and new earth.
002 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 6 Q51-80 (05-22-1991) - (59:09)
Acquired knowledge - natural and infused. Christ and infused knowledge. Not to suffer is not to live. Importance of conforming to the Divine Will. Julian Decker conversion.
003 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 6 Q81-88 (05-29-1991) - (1:00:58)
Imitation of Christ shows us how to live. Why God became man. What is the most important part of teaching? What is the essence of being human?
004 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 6 Q89-100 (06-05-1991) - (40:09)
“Learn from Me.” Grace and cooperation. “I will come to you.” Loving ourselves, our neighbor. Base love of self on what? Get others to pray. Overcoming the world.
005 – Was the Gulf War Just? (06-05-1991) - (57:58)
Middle East Conflict. Was it a just war? Needed for a Just War.
006 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 9 Q11-25 (10-16-1991) - (1:32:13)
Christ and the Beatific Vision. The Resurrection of Christ is a n historical fact. Errors about Christ caused Islam to grow.
007 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 9 Q26-40 (10-23-1991) - (1:32:00)
Knowing and understanding Scripture. Jesus at the Resurrection. What does believing in Christ mean to Protestants? Being disposed to believe.
008 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 10 Q29-35 (11-13-1991) - (1:38:33)
Christ’s wounds. The Ascension. Particular and general judgements. Qualities of conforming my will to the Will of God.
009 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 11 Q34-40 (12-11-1991) - (1:32:35)
More unborn murdered than died in all wars put together. Luther, “Sin strongly…”. Myth of saintly founder of Protestantism. Trinity Persons distinct.

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