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Series 069 - Advanced Catechetical Course Answers

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These talks were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 12,13 Q37-40,1-3 (01-15-1992) - (45:40)
Holy Spirit given by God to the individual is always for a definite good purpose. Recognizing God’s specificity. This person, this time, this purpose. What is the power of Pentecost? Baptism of the Spirit. Origin and purpose of the Charismatic movement.
002 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q3-10 (01-15-1992) - (40:45)
Authority. Church. Pius X Catholics just don’t understand Vatican II. Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces. Revelation and objective truth. Channel of grace.
003 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q15-25 (01-22-1992) - (45:53)
Legal structure of Roman Empire. Jewish, Greek and Roman influences. Root causes of abortion. Church unity.
004 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q26-31 (02-12-1992) - (43:52)
Unity of doctrine. Catholic faith relies on the Bible, Tradition an Teaching of the Holy Father. Letter of Pope Clement I—read it! Annulments in 1991. Church as mother and teacher. Catholic Church is the one true church.
005 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q31-39 (02-12-1992) - (45:42)
How faith is lost. Anglicanism. Need to understand other religions.
006 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q40-48 (02-26-1992) - (45:26)
Teach all nations: Church’s responsibility, our responsibility. Meaning of “feed the hungry.” The food and drink are symbolic of truth and love. Sacrament of Salvation? Every Catholic is indispensable for salvation.
007 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q49-51 (02-26-1992) - (26:02)
Grace comes only through truth. Who benefits from the Mass? Grace conferred only through the Catholic Church. Protestant ideas of salvation.
008 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q52-59 (03-11-1992) - (44:54)
How has Catholic Church produced many holy people? The more Christians killed, the more persons became Christian. Process Theology.
009 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q60-64 (03-11-1992) - (44:29)
Church is the continuation of Christ in the world. To reject the Church is to reject Christ. In the Sacraments Christ confers the graces.
010 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q65-72 (03-18-1992) - (45:14)
Consumerism arrived in 13th century France. Supreme jurisdiction. Supreme authority, Pope’s, determines under what conditions we may be saved. Pope’s authority is over all the human race. Peter’s sermon on Pentecost and the 4 gospels. All essentials of faith validity. Primacy actually conferred by “bound and loosed.” Peter’s humility and our benefit.
011 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q72-74 (03-18-1992) - (31:54)
Charity and justice in Ecclesiastical authority. Authority and obedience to God. Holiness and those in authority. Possession of the virtue of charity.
012 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q112-114 (05-20-1992) - (39:55)
Fourteen qualities wife and husband look for.
013 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q115-118 (05-20-1992) - (45:46)
Catholicity. Catholic missionaries in India forbidden. Ecumenism. Share the faith or lose our souls. The Trinity. Paulist Press. Feminism. Depend on God.
014 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q35-45 Part 2 (11-04-1992) - (37:39)
“Iam the Resurrection and the Life.” Actions of the persons of the Blessed Trinity. “Closeness” of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity. Justification.
015 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q119-124 Part1 (1992) - (45:07)
Trip to Rome. Eucharistic Congress. State of faith in the Real Presence. Pontifical Rite. Religious Orders Directory.

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