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Series 067 - Eucharistic Catechetics

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These talks were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q78-90 Part 1 (04-19-1992) - (46:13)
Work of a Catechist? Papal authority. Pharisees and Judaism. Is Judaism a religion? Pope as Bishop of Rome. Basis of unity?
002 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 13 Q78-90 Part 2 (04-19-1992) - (29:42)
Is the history of the Church and the Papacy important? Islam began as Nestorian Christianity. Circumcision. Head of the Church will always be Bishop of Rome. When did new revelation begin? Re-evangelisation.
003 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 14 Part 1 (10-08-1992) - (45:10)
“Sins of the world.” Importance of original Latin. Essence of sin? Does all sin leave its mark? Examination of conscience.
004 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 14 Part 2 (10-08-1992) - (38:39)
Did Jesus practice penance? Sinning and saints. What does suffering on earth bring? What does it mean to defend the faith?
005 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 14 Q14-25 Part 2 (10-08-1992) - (37:38)
What is a stranger from God? What is the essence of love? Missing Mass. Priests, Humana Vitae and the morality of our nation.
006 – Ignatian Catechists (10-08-1992) - (46:17)
Virtue acquired and infused. Expiating self-indulgence. Pain as a gift from God. Mortification. Will we use words in Heaven? What is conversation?
007 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 15 Q19-34 Part 1 (10-28-1992) - (46:08)
Risen bodies, pain, eating, wives. Madness of sin. Relation of death to sin.
008 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 15 Q19-34 Part 2 (10-28-1992) - (24:18)
Christ’s return. CCC and the Eucharist. Liturgical dance. Benefit of suffering for your faith. Principle of Double Effect.
009 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 15 Q43-50, Lesson 16 Q1-3 Part 1 (11-11-1992) - (45:42)
Eternal Life and Eternal Death. Jesus as Resurrection and Life. After Last Day will matter still exist?
010 – Ignatian Catechists – Lesson 15 Q43-50, Lesson 16 Q1-3 Part 2 (11-11-1992) - (37:31)
Foundation for our hope. Rock music alarm. What is the minimum for being saved? Encouraged to learn Latin.
011 – Marian Catechists Class – Purgatory Part 1 (11-17-1992) - (45:52)
Founders of Protestantism. Denial of Purgatory. Why deny Purgatory? Punishment and guilt and free will. What is purgatory like?
012 – Christian Chastity & Pro-Life Movement (1992) - (30:06)
Meaning and virtue of chastity need to be clear. Why Constantine needed to legalize Christianity.
013 – Contemplative Marian Catechists (1992) - (54:42)
Home education needs. What does an effective Catechist need to be?
014 – Marian Catechists Class – Purgatory Part 2 (1992) - (33:13)
Name of Mass intention required. Holy Souls can pray for us. Who can the saints in Heaven pray for? Opus Dei. Pray and sacrifice for the Souls in Purgatory.
015 – Good Friday-The Seven Last Words (1992) - (21:21)
Our mission. Christ’s mission. Avail ourselves of graces from God through the Church. When did our work for salvation begin? “I commend my spirit” meant what?
016 – Sermons-Holy Saturday-Easter Sunday (1992) - (46:11)
Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Mary between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Saturday is Mary’s day. She never wavered. What does His Resurrection assure us of? Definition of Mary’s Bodily Assumption. Mortify bodies, control appetites, subdue and discipline. Padre Pio.

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