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Series 063 - Sermons

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These sermons were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – 1993 Sermons Mar 1 - (9:37)
Neglecting Christ. Everyone who enters our lives is in need. The just are those who have practiced charity.
002 – Conference, Questions and Answers - (46:37)
Moral truth. Jesus is Truth. Our lives are true when they correspond to the mind of God. Duty to know and understand Christ.
003 – Sermons – Feb 27-28, Mar 11-12 - (40:56)
Grace to choose. Monogamous marriage. What changed when Jews rejected Christ? Jonah is true. Chastity. Spiritual Exercises.
004 – Sermons – Jan 31, et al - (46:32)
Near to Him are those who speak the truth. Lying is injustice. Can lie by speech, writing, seduction, gluttony, etc.
005 – Sermons – Sept 28, et al - (44:05)
Become like little children. Read Augustine, Teresa of Avila, Francis de Sales. Envy is the root of family and Church crises. St. Jerome.
006 – Sermons – Thanksgiving et al - (46:19)
Marvels of Your law. Serve and witness. Think with gratitude. Notice budding trees. Concentrate on the Last Day.
007 – Sermons – Unknown Date II - (39:53)
St. Thomas Aquinas. Defense of religious in the Apostolate. Holy Mass.
008 – Sermons – Unknown Date III - (40:40)
The Church’s unpromising beginning.
009 – Sermons Aug 12-15, 26-27 - (45:55)
Tax. Coin found and tax paid. 2 million starved. Martyrdom is a witness. Did Mary die? All is providence—takes faith.
010 – Sermons Aug 20-22, 24-28, Requiem - (45:22)
Be ready to die for our faith. JPII “Tell the people there is sin.” Monica’s son and husband converted by prayer. Mourning death of loved one can be pleasing to God.
011 – Sermons Aug 20-26 - (45:05)
Put love into action and sacrifice. Flight into Egypt. Mary intercedes. Jesus is love, Mercy, lover of children but also our all-just God.
012 – Sermons Aug 28-31, Sept 2-3 - (46:14)
Augustine taught by Ambrose. Parable of the talents. Work is an obligation.
013 – Sermons Feb 14, 16-18 - (38:36)
Should we be satisfied to be imperfect? Real poverty. We must serve the rest.
014 – Sermons Nov 22 et al - (42:03)
Divine Law rewards for obedience. Hell exists. Do not be disturbed. Union with God is our goal.
015 – Sermons Oct 1-2, et al - (41:30)
Those like little children of greatest importance in the Kingdom of God. Phenomenal humility of Teresa of Child Jesus. Good Samaritan.
016 – Sermons Week of Feb 21 - (8:22)
Jesus had no sin but suffered for sin of man. Media are incitements to sin. Alert selves to fact of pain. God wants us to suffer.

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