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Series 061 - Sermons

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These sermons were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – 1992 Ignatian Retreat Conference Talk - (46:01)
Judged on charity. Responsibility to those who lost the faith. Deep knowledge of faith needed to spread and explain.
002 – 1992 Ignatian Retreat, Opening Sermon-Conference - (45:46)
Basis for mind and basis for will. Lay apostolate. Purpose of life. Enjoy and endure. Gain heaven alone? Rejection and pain. Internal freedom.
003 – Sermon on Death – Nov 12 - (16:51)
Promise of two deaths. Three deaths of the soul.
004 – Sermons – 1992-Mar 17-19 et al, Sts Patrick-Joseph - (39:13)
Virtues of St. Patrick, deep simple faith, humility, boundless zeal. St. Joseph. Protected Jesus and Mary then. Now he protects the Mystical Christ.
005 – Sermons 1992 Mar 11, 16 - (42:33)
Solomon and Jonah. Effect of bad Catholics. St. Francis Xavier saw souls going into hell like snowflakes.
006 – Sermons 1992 Oct 12-16 - (44:57)
Bishop requests just one Mass per week. $500 fine and jail for smoking. Without Mary we cannot preserve the Church.
007 – Sermons – 1992 Missionaires of Charity 42 anniversary - (41:25)
Material poverty also needs spiritual food. Prayer required for what we need.
008 – Sermons Jul 7, 12, 23-25 - (35:14)
Lack of faith prevents miracles. St. Bridget’s writings. God wants us to respond voluntarily. Are we zealous?
009 – Sermons Jun 12-15, 19 - (35:08)
New Testament law versus Old Testament law. Solitude and silence.
010 – Sermons Jun 27, Jul 7, 16, 22-24 - (43:41)
Spirituality and psychology. Sacrifice of doing. Why are some allowed to sin deeply? Why are we free?
011 – Sermons Mar 21-25 S1 - (46:21)
A fruit bearing tree needs someone to care for it. Annunciation commemorates three feasts. Mercy required.
012 – Sermons Mar 21-25 S2 - (45:45)
The man who does not gather scatters. Devil exists and is phenomenally effective. Devil uses pride. Sin and pain. Realize our differences. Love anyway. How can others know truth?
013 – Sermons May 15, 30, Jun 10-12 - (33:45)
Know Jesus, know truth. All saved through Christ. Old law elevated. Our duty to Christ.
014 – Sermons Sept 5-7 - (46:11)
Left everything to follow Him. Surrendering all we like. Why did Christ appear first to Mary on Easter Sunday?
015 – Sermons Sept 17-18, 23 - (42:22)
Revelation is mainly found in Tradition. Courage to conform to God. Divisions in Christianity. Why is Islam so successful? Never be ashamed of Christ.

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