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Series 059 - Sermons

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These sermons were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – Sermons 4 - (46:12)
Pray to not give in to temptations to discouragement, despondency, and despair. Church's worst enemies: its unfaithful bishops and priests. Crisis in the Church solved by supernatural means. Resurrection of Jesus. What happened? No rational grounds for questioning Catholic Faith. Built on reason.
002 – Sermons 5 - (46:11)
Why did Christ rise from the dead? How to live faith in Christ's resurrection? Conferral of Papal Primacy.
003 – Sermons – The Transfiguration - (12:32)
Really rose, ascended: historical facts. Promise of joy after mourning. Joy anticipates heaven. Peace is knowing we're doing God's will.
004 – Sermons Apr 6, et al Side 1 - (39:20)
By raising Lazarus Jesus proved His power over life and death. Miracles. Jesus wanted people to know he is God.
005 – Sermons Apr 20-24, 28 - (45:53)
Jesus' resurrection is recorded in history books. Jesus is mercy incarnate. What is the breaking of bread? Jesus' appearance to disciples. Spiritual food. All of life is a means to heaven.
006 – Sermons Apr 29, May 11-14 - (41:18)
St. Catherine of Siena and Pope St. John XXIII and reform. One truth, one Church, one True Shepherd. What are the tests of true disciples? How to do God’s will? There will always be traitors in the Church. Why did Judas betray Christ? Infidelity of Church leaders. Purpose of holiness.
007 – Sermons Dec 5-6, 9 - (46:01)
Why John the Baptist was sent. Matthew taught us to receive Christ as Savior. Gift giving at Christmas is meant to show our love for others. Key to happiness.
008 – Sermons Dec 11-14, 18-19 - (39:55)
Pray. Imitate Christ. Be humble. Practice a Marian faith. St Lucy. Chastity, charity and humility convert. Best preparation for coming to Christ.
009 – Sermons Domino Farms Sept 10 - (27:59)
"Bring children to class, the more the merrier!" Evil Spirit's intention is to destroy the soul. Intent of the pro-death movement is to destroy both the body and the soul. Abortion has the devil behind it: only Divine intervention can stop it. Exorcist of Rome and possession in the US. Satan hates the Blessed Sacrament.
010 – Sermons Feb 9-10, 12-13, 1992 - (45:56)
Jesus' free will. Worship. Pray. erve. Purity comes from within.
011 – Sermons Feb 15, et al - (41:13)
Blessed Claude Columbiere, St Margaret Mary Alacoque and devotion to the Sacred Heart and Blessed Sacrament. God chose suffering. Highest authority on earth. Revolution in the Church.
012 – Sermons I Side1 - (42:45)
Danger of hypocrisy and envy. Gratitude for what? HE WANTS OUR HEARTS: THAT IS SANCTITY! Why honor the saints?
013 – Sermons I Side2 - (45:31)
We should converse with the Poor Souls in Purgatory. Be concerned only for the Kingdom of Heaven and His justice. Divine Providence. God provides what we need to do his will, provided we want to do it. External and internal graces.
014 – Sermons Jul 3, 6-9 - (45:56)
Everything is in God’s providence. Maria Goretti. The Jews, the Chosen People, did not receive the Messiah when He came.
015 – Sermons Jul 10, 20-23 - (45:07)
Clever as snakes, innocent as doves. What is the justice of God? Who is punished? What does Mary Magdalen symbolize? True mysticism.
016 – Sermons May - (20:17)
Why is May dedicated to Our Lady? How to deepen our devotion to Mary. When did the sanctification of the human race begin?

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