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Series 057 - Sermons

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These sermons were taped by Daniel Peper who traveled with Fr. Hardon from 1990 to 1995.
001 – 1990 Sermons Dec 15, 17-20 - (8:23)
Crucifix, symbol of price of faithfulness to God. Logic of Christianity. Geneology lessons.
002 – Sermon – Palm Sunday Domino Farms - (8:23)
Palm Sunday lessons. Slaves of human respect.
003 – Sermon Oct 24 - (39:50)
Christ is Prince of Peace. Christ “not to bring peace but division.”
004 – Sermons – Laetare Sunday – Good Shepherd Sunday - (45:30)
Laetare Sunday. Rejoice! What does this really mean?
005 – Sermons Aug 20-22, 24-26 - (45:24)
St. Bernard. Islam's threat. Loving in deed and sacrifice. Pius V and Pius X. Mary’s authority. Nathaniel. St Louis of France. Love and justice.
006 – Sermons Dec 13, 16, 18-21 - (40:44)
World against chastity. Jesus as Divine. Be patient with God. Best preparation. Why are we in the world? Mary Mother, Mediatrix.
007 – Sermons Dec 20-21, Jan 6-9 - (38:22)
Annunciation. Surrender of our will. Power of our will. God entered the world as man. Mary, Mother of God. Reform daily. Deepest hunger. Humanly impossible. A man God?
008 – Sermons Jul 3, 6-9 - (45:38)
Are Christ’s words credible? Sex used to destroy faith. Vocation and priesthood. Pray for the Jewish people. Is Holy Eucharist necessary?
009 – Sermons Jul 10, 20-23 - (45:05)
World’s acceptance of Christians. Justice, good, evil and our human will. Who to please? Apostle of the Apostles. St. Bridget.
010 – Sermons Jul 24, Aug 17-19 - (43:40)
How can I preserve my faith? Prayer for the deceased. Possessions, praise, pride is the devil’s strategy. Envy devastates.
011 – Sermons May 21-24, 28-29 - (20:18)
Humility, problems, difficulties. Faithfulness each day attracts others. Justice and the eternity of hell and heaven.
012 – Sermons May 30-31, Jun 3-5 - (38:05)
Spiritual blindness. Lessons of the Visitation. Should the state rule marriage, morals and education? Meaning of bodily resurrection.
013 – Sermons Nov 12-17 - (43:26)
St. Josephat and Orthodoxy. St. Stanislaus Kostka and holiness. St Joseph Pignatelli and authority. St. Albert the Great and science. St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary.
014 – Sermons Nov 19-21 - (36:18)
Pope Pius XI “My friend, we are all blind.” Mercy for the humble. BVM at age 3. Divine gratitude.
015 – Sermons Oct 14-23 - (42:14)
St John Ogilvie, martyr and patron of Scotland. Teresa of Avila and the will. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Holy Eucharist. St. Ignatius of Antioch and following Christ. St. Luke and mercy. St. Augustine, detachment, addiction. Happy death. Laziness.
016 – Sermons Sept. 24-25, 28-30 - (44:33)
Always 2 spiritual powers at work in our lives. Pray for a national miracle of conversion. The meaning of pain. Wenceslaus and Pope St. Clement I and envy. What do angels and archangels teach us? St. Jerome and the Vulgate.
017 – Sermons-Charity and Chastity, Good Samaritan - (45:15)
Reparation, penance, pain. Silence, reparation and solitude. Try to recognize needs physical, mental and intellectual and try to meet them.

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