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Capital Sins and Virtues
The capital sins are really the basic manifestations of our fallen human nature. And the corresponding virtues are the principal ways in which God wants us to grow in sanctity.
How to Be a Loyal Catholic Today?
Nowadays there are so many people who call themselves Catholic but really are not. There are books published and periodicals; there are conferences given, and symposiums held; there are religious programs and celebrations sponsored, and all professedly Catholic. But so many of these are Catholic only in name and not in reality.
In Defense of Humanae Vitae
Since the Sovereign Pontiff published Humanae Vitae every news medium in the country has carried statements by a variety of Catholic spokesmen supporting or condemning the papal teaching. Among these statements the most weighty was the one issued on July 30 in Washington, D.C., and signed by "eighty-seven theologians," protesting the papal declaration and seeking widespread support throughout the country. What follows is an analysis of this statement.
Our Catholic Answer to the Sexual Suicide of America
There will be three parts to our conference. We will first ask ourselves what is sexual suicide, then comes the harder question which we will save for last: how we Catholics are to convert a nation, like our own, from the madness of its’ self-inflicted sexual suicide and restore to our people some semblance of moral sanity.
Supplement to a Catholic Analysis of the New Creation Series
One of the sins of the New Creation Series is its flagrant violation of the latency stage, or—as is termed in "Familiaris Consortio"—"the years of innocence" (N. 37). It would be good to make specific mention of this fact in your Analysis. I also suggest an additional aspect, to which you would do well to give specific consideration in your Analysis: certain of the Source and Enrichment authors/books listed in the New Creation Series.
The Legitimacy of Capital Punishment
It is remarkable what appeals to kindness and charity are made to repeal capital punishment. Two thousand years of the Church’s defense of capital punishment are brushed aside. Arguments are used to "prove" that capital punishment is inherently evil. No one questions the sincerity of those who claim that capital punishment is not justifiable. But their reasoning needs to be re-examined.

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