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The Cost of Sharing Christ - Part One (Truth Crusade Series)
Our subtitle is the heart of St. Paul. It is impossible to read much of St. Paul's letters without being struck by the price he paid for his zeal in proclaiming Jesus Christ. So the descriptions he gives of the trial he experienced in the apostolate are among the most graphic in human literature and they are certainly most poignant in biblical revelation. Even in the distance of 1900 years we still shudder at what he wrote, what he underwent, and wonder how one man could suffer so much and survive so long as he did in preaching the word that God, announcing to every one that "Jesus is the Lord believe in Him and be saved."
The Cost of Sharing Christ - Part Two (Truth Crusade Series)
St. Paul's greatest trials, I repeat, St. Paul's greatest trials were not the physical hardships he endured. Although we know they were extreme, they were not the humanly impossible travels that he made. They were by any estimation, heroic. His worst anguish was the rejection he saw of Christ by those specially chosen who were God's chosen people of the Old Law.
Evangelization of Russia
We get some idea of the gigantic task awaiting the missionary work in Russia from the opening sentence of the policy statement of the Soviet Union in the heyday of Communism. The government told the people that, "The Soviet school, as an instrument for the Communist education of the rising generation, can, as a matter of principle, take up no other attitude towards religion than one of irreconcilable opposition. Communist education has as its philosophical basis Marxism, and Marxism is irreconcilably hostile to religion."
To Rechristianize America
This is my 31st year in working for the Holy See. And the single most important responsibility which Holy Father and the Vatican have given me is to inspire the laity, the faithful devoted laity to preserve and promote the Catholic Faith. I would like to summarize what I want to say with you in seven letters, L L S W C O and S in order for the laity to both preserve and promote the Catholic faith in the modern secularized world.
Our Duty to Proclaim Christ
To proclaim Christ means to make Christ known by those who do not yet know Him, and better known by those who do not know Him well. This is absolutely necessary if Christ is to be loved and served as He deserves, for we do not love what we do not know, and we do not give ourselves in devoted service except to someone we love. Knowledge must come first, then love, and then service.
Our Witness in a Sin-Laden World
Paganism is as old as human history. In one sentence, paganism is a culture of untruth. Over the two thousand years since Calvary, Christianity has had to constantly contend with pagan ideas, pagan laws; in a word—with a pagan culture that hated Christianity for the same reason that it crucified the Incarnate Truth, who became man to teach the world how to serve God here on earth, in order to possess Him in a blessed eternity.
The Catholic Reformation
By The Catholic Reformation I mean the spontaneous resurgence of Catholic thought and spirituality that spanned the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries. During these three hundred years, the Catholic Church lost whole nations by their separation from the papacy. But she also experienced an unprecedented renewal in every aspect of divine faith, of moral fervor and personal sanctity, of religious education and missionary zeal, and of organized Christian charity in the practice of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
Evangelium Vitae: Spiritual Combat with the Culture of Death
The present century is the most violent and murderous in the history of the human race. There have been more death casualties in wars fought since 1900 than in all the previous centuries since the dawn of the human race. There are now more legalized murders of unborn children in one year than in all the ages of the world up to the beginning of the twentieth century. What makes this world of ours so murderous is not only the number of willful homicides of innocent people. It is the fact that one once civilized nation after another has legalized these crimes, and defends this demonic attack on human beings and what is by now a library of books and an ocean of media that have perverted the minds of millions in countries like the United States.
Evangelization, the New Catechism, and Pope John Paul II
No other aspect of the Church’s teaching has grown more rapidly and more profoundly than her grasp of the meaning of evangelization. In order to begin to appreciate what this means, it will be useful to see how the concept of evangelization has developed from the pontificate of Pope Paul VI to that of John Paul II. Then we shall look briefly at the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to see what it says about evangelization. Finally and mainly we will examine how Pope John Paul II applies the latest understanding of evangelization to awaken the sleeping giant of the Catholic Church. The Pope foresees the twenty-first century as the dawn of the greatest renaissance in Christian history, on one condition. Believing Catholics must be aroused from their stupor and inspired to proclaim Jesus Christ and His Kingdom as has not been done since the dawn of Christianity.
On Pope John Paul II’s Tenth Anniversary
My purpose here is to identify what I consider the basic teaching of Pope John Paul, which should unite us as Catholics in these historic times. This teaching can be capsulized in four statements, each of which can serve as one aspect of our subject, namely The Cost of Proclaiming Christ: the Message of Pope John Paul II. We will call the first three duties and the fourth an opportunity.
Proclaim Christ: Evangelization Is the Responsibility of Every Catholic
Whenever St. Paul is referred to without identifying him, he is simply called the Apostle. He was so completely identified with the mission of preaching Christ that his name and the apostolate are almost synonymous. No one in the Church’s history is more worthy of the title Apostle, because no one more than he zealously proclaimed Christ to the world. He is called Apostle of the Gentiles. It means Apostle of the world.
The Re-Evangelization of America: A Martyr's Responsibility of the Laity
My purpose in this presentation is to ask four questions and try within one hour to answer them. Why does America have to be re-evangelized? What does re-evangelization mean? Why are the Catholic laity mainly responsible for this re-evangelization? How is this re-evangelization a call to martyrdom?
In the opening lecture which I will give after this introduction, on the re-evangelization of America: a responsibility of the laity. In order to achieve this – notice – re-evangelization – the language is the Holy Father’s – to achieve this re-evangelization the laity has certain obligations: to understand their Catholic Faith, to live their Catholic Faith faithfully, to pray their Faith by a growing union with God, to share their Faith by personal – should be personal – conversation and active evangelization; and finally and crucially to suffer for their Faith by uniting their trials – physically and spiritual – in union with Christ for the conversion of sinners and the extension of Christ’s kingdom.
What We Can Learn from the Early Church Fathers: Re-Christianization of America
There is one thing that we Catholics today need to learn from the faithful Catholics in the early Church. We speak of the Church in the early centuries as the Church of Martyrs. However, the early Church was also the Church of defenders of the faith.…My plan is to briefly identify some of these heresies which the early Fathers of the Church had to refute in order to preserve the true faith. Then I would like to tell you something about how our own responsibility to re-christianize our own beloved country.

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