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Atheistic Communism: The Destruction of Human Person, Family, Civilized Society
We may begin by defining Communism as the social doctrine which affirms the community of goods and denies the right to ownership of private property. As analyzed in numerous papal documents since Pope Pius IX in 1846, Communism is based on a philosophy, a theory of history, and a definable strategy or methodology… We are now in a position to look more closely at the first of the three devastating effects of Communism, namely the destruction of the human person.
The Influence of Marxism in the United States Today
As the title of our conference indicates, we plan to cover two areas of an immense subject: first, to see something of what is Marxism, and then reflect on its influence in the United States.
Marx, Engels and Lenin on the Origin of the Human Family
The basic principle of modern feminism is The Communist Manifesto. Marx and Engels could not have been more clear. They state, if Communism is to succeed, there must be the "Abolition of the family"!

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