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Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. used to conceptualize the entire subject of his class from which he would then make a chart of that subject for the class. When in class he would just look at a word or some aspect of the chart from which he was then able to give an entire lecture on the subject. He made thousands of these charts on as many subjects.

Dogma of Mary's Immaculate Conception #1 - (PDF: 50K)
History, definition, analysis, proof, implications
Dogma of Mary's Immaculate Conception #2 - (PDF: 52K)
Significance of the Spiritual Life of Mary's Immaculate Conception
Mary in the New Testament - (PDF: 50K)
Three names, three words, three canticles, three places, three meetings, three titles
Mary in the Old Testament - (PDF: 46K)
Our Lady in Type and Prophecy in the Old Testament
Mary, the Mother of Creatures - (PDF: 55K)
Mother of Angels, Mother of Human Beings, Mother of the Church
Mary's Divine Maternity - (PDF: 40K)
Basic errors, Church's dogma, evidence from scripture, evidence of tradition, explanation of dogma, dignity, consequences
Salve Regina - (PDF: 58K)
The Blessed Virgin in Our Life #1 - (PDF: 54K)
The Blessed Virgin in History: who was she, evidence of scripture, evidence of tradition
The History of the Rosary - (PDF: 60K)
Historical Development of the Rosary: Pre-Christian, non-Christian, Christian beginnings, role of St. Dominic, Church's official attitude
Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - (PDF: 49K)
Mary's Virginity: magisterium, virginal conception of Christ, virginal birth of Christ, virginity after Christ's birth, implications
Gifts of the Holy Spirit - (PDF: 49K)
Meaning and explanation
God's Love - (PDF: 60K)
Analysis: God's love within Himself, God's love for creatures, our love for God
Providence of God - (PDF: 69K)
Analysis: meaning, definition, relation to Divine government, explanation, sacred scripture, forms, qualities, our response
Supernatural Hope - (PDF: 59K)
Analysis: meaning, forms, foundation, relation, object, our duty
The Justice of God - (PDF: 56K)
Analysis: meaning, doctrine, exercise, explanation
The Mercy of God - (PDF: 64K)
Analysis: meaning, explanation, implications
The Will of God #2 - (PDF: 51K)
Analysis: properties of God's Will, moral atributes of God's Will
Christ in Prophecy - (PDF: 53K)
Prophecies before eigth century B.C., pre-exilic prophets, period of the exile, post-exilic messianic prophecy
Aspects of Christ's Existence: an Overview - (PDF: 25K)
Different aspects of Christ's existence
Gifts of the Risen Christ - (PDF: 19K)
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
The Hypostatic Union of Two Natures in Jesus Christ - (PDF: 46K)
Adversaries before Ephesus, Ephesus, Adversaries after Ephesus, Chalcedon
Jesus Christ and the Spiritual Life #1 - (PDF: 48K)
Panorama of how Christ is related to our spiritual life: biblical foundation, analysis
Jesus Christ and the Spiritual Life #2 - (PDF: 44K)
Christ our Teacher: meaning, biblical titles, manner of Christ's teaching, method of Christ's teaching, purpose of Christ's teaching
Knowledge of Christ - (PDF: 25K)
Uncreated, created
Nicea - (PDF: 56K)
Importance, antecedents, Role of Constantine, position of Arius, role of Athanasius, consequences
Parable of the Sower - (PDF: 49K)
Seed Parable: Narrative I, Narrative II, Narrative III
Parable of the Two Sowers - (PDF: 53K)
Double Seed Parable: Narrative I, Narrative II, Narrative III
Pauline Christology I: Jesus Christ Our God - (PDF: 45K)
Divinity of Christ in St. Paul: Christ is creator and preserver of the world, Christ is to be adored as God, Christ is the fullness of God, the gospel of God is the gospel of Christ, the Church of God is the Church of Christ, the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Christ, Christ is the One Lord
Pauline Christology II: Jesus Christ Our Redeemer - (PDF: 48K)
Christ the Redeemer in St. Paul: Christ won for us the grace needed to be redeemed, we must cooperate with the graces won for us by Christ in order to be actually redeemed
Pauline Christology III: Christ Our Strength - (PDF: 33K)
Mastery of Our Passions Through Christ
Resurrection of Christ #1 - (PDF: 68K)
Resurrection of Christ as Doctrine: truth and reality, nature and circumstances, manner of Christ's resurrection, significance, implications, features of the forty days
The Parables as the School of Christ - (PDF: 78K)
How Christ Taught in Parables: Christ's characteristic way of teaching, why Christ used parables, value of parables, implications for the spiritual life
The Parables of Christ: Their Meaning - (PDF: 61K)
Parable: the term, compared with proverb, compared with fable, compared with myth or allegory, compared with an example or histories with a moral, compared with type, compared with a metaphor, compared with pagan mythology
The Virtues of Christ - (PDF: 39K)
Example of Christ's Life: in relation to God, in relation to others, relation to self
Synthesis of Canon Law #1: Book I: Introduction (Canons 1 - 6) - (PDF: 45K)
Synthesis of Canon Law #2: Book I, Title I: Ecclesiastical Laws (Canons 7 - 22) - (PDF: 69K)
Synthesis of Canon Law #3: Book I, Titles II, III, IV: Custom, Decrees and Instructions, Administrative Acts (Canons 23 - 47) - (PDF: 72K)
Synthesis of Canon Law #4: Book II, Part I: The Christian Faithful (Canons 204 - 223) - (PDF: 62K)
Synthesis of Canon Law #5: Book II, Part I: Obligations and Rights of the Lay Christian Faithful (Canons 224 - 231) - (PDF: 73K)
Canon Law on Consecrated Life - (PDF: 56K)
Consecrated Life: forms, what is consecrated life, what are religious institutes, what are the origins, what is the role of founder, what is the function of sound tradition, significant norms

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