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Gospel Morality
Briefly stated, Gospel morality is the study of what the New Testament teaches about Christ's expectation of His followers in the moral order. It might also be called the study of Christian revelation about human conduct.
How Do You Develop Moral Certitude in a Person Who Has Had a Bad Past Moral Life?
First of all, they should come clean about their past. It’s remarkable how many people are concerned about their past because they are not sure that they have made a clean sweep or confession of anything.
The Two Standards: Christ and Satan
Our meditation for this evening is on the Two Standards: Christ and Satan. As you know, this meditation is at the beginning of the second week of the Spiritual Exercises. My plan is to cover this in three areas. First, to speak on the devil and the Divine Providence, then to expand specifically on the two standards, and finally, to say something on how we are to cope with the evil spirit in our lives.
The Last Supper
It is through the Holy Eucharist which Jesus Christ instituted at the Last Supper, that both Christian families and Christian societies are provided with the means for the practice, lifelong practice of that selfless, if need be, heroic, Christ-like selfless charity…The foundation of the Christian family and of Christian society or more generically, of a Christian community, is the virtue in practice of selfless love.

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