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Contraception Feeds Social Decline
People who practice contraception become habitually selfish. Experience shows that their selfishness will not even exclude killing the unborn child that was unwillingly conceived.
Euthanasia and Abortion: A Catholic View
Science has freed man from subjection to many of the forces of nature and, in large measure, brought them under his control. One effect has been to give man a sense of mastery of the universe, which he never enjoyed before. This includes mastery over human life, from planning conception to determining who shall live and for how long. Another effect has been to immerse man in the satisfaction of this world, which his own genius has discovered, with corresponding indifference to whatever lies beyond the experience of man’s life on earth.
There is No Stopping Abortion Without the Eucharist
Our present conference has a thesis. Our thesis may be stated in one declarative sentence. Professed Catholics must become channels of extraordinary grace to the modern world. And they will become channels of grace to others in the measure, I repeat only in the measure, of their own reception of grace through the Holy Eucharist as the sacrament sacrifice of the mass, as the Communion sacrament of Holy Communion and as the presence sacrament of Christ’s Real Presence now on earth in the Holy Eucharist.
The Catholic Tradition on the Morality of Contraception
There are pressing reasons why a Catholic should know the history of the Church’s doctrine on contraception. In Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul appeals to the "landmarks in the human Christian vision of marriage," and to the "teaching of the Church on the regulation of birth," for declaring that artificial contraception is forbidden by divine law. To see some of these landmarks and the unbroken teaching of the Church is more than ever necessary today, when the papal pronouncement is called into question. The authority behind the pronouncement is nothing less than Christ’s indwelling Spirit which He promised His Church "to teach you all truth." What Humanae Vitae proposed has always been held in the Church of God.
Abortion as Pagan Sacrifice
We know what the word "sacrifice" means. It means the surrender of something precious to the god in whom a person believes. Sacrifices have been part of world religions since the dawn of recorded history. Without exception, the deities of all the religions of the ancient world demanded sacrifices in their honor. The Egyptians and Babylonians, the Greeks and Romans, the deities of pre-Christian India and of the continent of Africa required that their adherents offer what we call sacrifices in their name.
The Catholic Church: The Divinely Ordained Protector of Human Life
The future of the pro-life movement throughout the world depends on the Roman Catholic Church. To know this is to begin to understand the real issues underlying the wanton murder of over fifty million unborn children every year. To believe this is also to see some hope of stemming the tide that has made the 1900’s the most homicidal century in human history.
The Catholic Perspective on Abortion: The Future of Human Society
The future of the human race depends on the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion. This is the statement I wish to prove in this lecture. Before we go any further in my presentation, let me first explain what I mean. I mean that the survival of the human race depends finally on the acceptance of the Catholic Church’s two thousand years’ teaching that the killing of unborn children is murder.
Humanae Vitae: The Magna Carta of Women's Rights
Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae, is surely the most discussed and controverted papal document of modern times. To some people it is a symbol of an outmoded ethical mentality. But to loyal, believing Catholics, it is a blessed gift from the Vicar of Christ.
Our Gravest Moral Responsibility: To Convert the Contraception Mentality
I call it the contraception mentality. But we could just as well call it the contraception ideology. It was centuries in the making. It is devastating in its consequences. And it is at the root of the massive assault on the human family. Nothing less is at stake than the survival of Western, and with emphasis, American society.
What Has the 5th and 9th Commandment to Do with Abortion?
In my judgment abortion and euthanasia are at the heart of the crisis that is plaguing and destroying the modern world. I do not intend to address the issue of defending the rights of the unborn or the aged in this discourse. They obviously have these rights, and abortion and euthanasia are serious crimes against the rights of unborn children, the aged and terminally ill. Rather, our focus will be on the rights of God that are being violated by the crimes of abortion and euthanasia in the most homicidal century in human history.
Re-Christianize America to Build the Culture of Life
It was the present Vicar of Christ who gave us two terms that describe the modern world. There is a culture of life and a culture of death. The culture of death had become the dominate philosophy of the affluent countries, including our own beloved United States. I never thought I would live to describe the president of our nation as a professional murderer. But he is. As anyone with normal intelligence understands, partial birth abortion is infanticide. It is the murder of a helpless infant. Given the gravity of our subject, I thought this conference should be an exception to our normal procedure. It will be in the nature of a mini-catechism. The questions and answers will be drawn from Pope John Paul’s encyclical On the Gospel of Life. In the limited time at our disposal, we will have to choose and pick from the Holy Father’s encyclical. We will cover the following areas: present day threats to human life, the Christian message concerning life, God’s holy law and how to re-Christianize America for a new culture of human life.

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