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Mary as Model Catechist for Parents
We do not usually talk about Mary as a catechist and we do not commonly think of her as a model for those who catechize. But the Blessed Virgin Mary is not only a pattern, she is a perfect model of what every catechist in the Catholic Church should be. We say that Mary is the perfect model of what every Catholic catechist should be. In saying this, we affirm what may not be obvious—that Mary was a catechist. She did instruct others in the one, true Faith. And she did it so admirably that we may legitimately call her the Mother of Catechists.
The Marian Catechist Apostolate
This is my 31st year in working for the Holy See. The single most important responsibility which the Holy Father and the Vatican has given me, to inspire the laity, the faithful devoted laity, to preserve and promote the Catholic Faith.
Transcript of Talk on St. Therese of Lisieux
The subject of our conference is the Catechist as Channel of Grace. First, a long introduction. The last person we would expect to suggest as a model for catechists is the Little Flower, St. Therese of Lisieux. Her short life of 24 years, from 1873 to 1897 was spent with her family until her early teens. The rest of her life was in the cloistered Carmelite convent. Neither is exactly what we understand by catechesis, which means teaching the Faith. Yet, what she wrote in her one book, her autobiography, tells us volumes on what is the principal task of a catechist.
The Marian Catechist Easter Season Issue
There is a profound sense in which Christ's Resurrection is the rational foundation of our faith. During His visible stay on earth, He taught so many superhuman doctrines and demanded such superhuman obedience that He had to, logically, provide His followers with superhuman grounds for believing what He said. That is why He worked so many miracles during His mortal life, and performed the crowning miracle of rising by His own divine power from the grave.
The Holy Eucharist - Marian Catechist Manual
Once this fact of faith (Jesus Christ, God and man, is present in the Blessed Sacrament) is recognized, it is not difficult to see why prayer before the Blessed Sacrament is so efficacious.
The Writing Apostolate of the Marian Catechists
When the Marian Catechists first began with the encouragement of the Holy See, their foreseen role was to strengthen the faith of believing Catholics and bring the true faith to those who are either not Catholics or even Christians. In the intervening years, both the number of Marian Catechists and their apostolic opportunities have increased beyond all expectations.
Catechesis Together with Adoration
In his Apostolic Exhortation, Catechesi Tradendae, Pope John Paul II says some very pertinent things about "Catechesis and Sacraments." What he says deserves to be quoted in full. It hits the nail on the head, by relating two factors in the Church's apostolate that should not be separated, namely sacramental devotion and sound doctrinal instruction.
Blessed Virgin in Modern Catechetics
It is seen immediately that the Blessed Virgin is part of the doctrinal possession of Catholic Christianity. So that to teach Catholic doctrine means to teach Mary as belonging to the mystery of the Incarnation and the Mystical Body of Christ. My intention here is to look at both the contemporary approaches in Catholic religious education, and try to show how the Blessed Virgin figures in each approach. My conclusion will be to point up some practical implications for the future.
Mary’s Central Role in Catechetical Controversy
Unless catechetics pays due respect to Mary it will not give due honor to Christ, and without Christ there is no Christianity.
Marian Catechist Manual
The purpose of the Marian Catechists is twofold: 1) To cultivate a deep devotion to the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and a special loyalty to the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome. 2) To teach the Catholic religion, personally and through the media of social communication, especially to Catholic families throughout the world.
The Marian Catechists and the Missionaries of Charity
My hope is that the Marian Catechists can somehow become affiliated with the Missionaries of Charity.…The Marian Catechists are a group of Catholic lay woman whose purpose is to promote sound religious instruction in the Catholic faith to children and young people.

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